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There is NO  software to hack password!

Hack log file & de-cipher actual password manually.

hack facebook password
hack facebook password

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Need us to hack it ? Get the password now in 3 Steps
No Signup/Registration required

1. Copy the target account URL/Email Id exactly as it appears in the browser. (For Ex: https://www.facebook.com/GuruGuidelines/) and paste it on to the form at the bottom of this page.

2. Provide us with your email id.

3. Submit the details.



The password hacking process can take few minutes to complete, but this can vary depending on the complexity and length of their password.We follow netwrok based session scraping method to hack the password. After submission, click the 'Downlaod' button. The text file with actual decrypted password will either open immedietly (depending upon processing time) or get send to your email id.Simply copy and paste the password into facebook or respective account along with their username - you will then have full access to the target account.

How to use the Guide & Service

  • Repeat each step to the recommended number of times to get the HTS-LOG file.
  • Once you get the HTS-LOG file,hacking is succesful.
  • Decrypt the Password from HTS-LOG file.
  • High Success rate of 98% passwords have been hacked.
  • Structured, Customized and undetectable methods.
  • Send us a request for any assistance & support.
  • We use exploits which are unknown to the rest of the world.
  • Cloud-based proxy servers which are undetectable.
  • Hassle free service.Send us an email & No downloads required.
hack facebook password

We are the ONLY supplier that uses Network Sessions to hack account log information. Our custom exploits can hack as much accounts accounts viably on a substantial scale progressively.

We know that multiple hacking methods are released each day which offers to hack Facebook and Email accounts. In any case, the issue with these programs is that they are open and their mode of operation get immediately recognized and fixed by organizations.

hack facebook password
hack facebook password
hack facebook password

"We've possessed the capacity to keep up our service for a considerable length of time because it is impossible for anyone to find & fix our exploits. "

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hack facebook password